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Welcome to Illinois DCFS

It's our mission to keep children safe by strengthening and supporting families. Learn about our services and how you can help by becoming a child's forever family through adoption, foster care or guardianship; reporting suspected child abuse or neglect; or becoming part of the child welfare team by working for Illinois DCFS!

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. It is important for every person to take child abuse and neglect seriously, be able to recognize it and know what to do next. Report suspected child abuse or neglect online here. In an emergency, call 1-800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873).

Child Welfare Insights Tool

Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe, secure and loved. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) helps thousands of children find permanent, loving homes; and helps thousands more reunite with loved ones. Through a robust system that includes family support, early intervention, youth development, childcare and child welfare services, the department serves as a resource and advocates for children and families alike.

Calls for Proposals

The department does not have any calls for proposals at this time. 

Work for Illinois DCFS!

Illinois DCFS is hiring for a number of positions across the state. Benefits include continuing education programs; paid vacation, holidays and sick time; and a retirement/pension program. For a list of current available vacancies click here.

Join us at a virtual employment workshop or job fair to learn about job openings and how to apply.

January - June 2024 Virtual Employment Workshops
July - December 2024 Virtual Employment Workshops

Upcoming virtual and in-person job fairs and events

For employment-related questions, email

Children Waiting for Forever Families

Every child deserves to grow up safe, secure and loved. Visit the Heart Gallery of Illinois to see pictures and learn about children in need of a forever family.

YouthCare Health Plan

YouthCare is a healthcare program for current and former youth in care. YouthCare's personal care coordinators help families navigate and access health care systems, research providers and schedule appointments.

Path Beyond Adoption

Building a family by adoption or guardianship is a journey, and Illinois DCFS is committed to supporting families along the way. The PATH (Partners Available to Help) Beyond Adoption support line connects families that move to permanency with DCFS or by private or international adoption to available resources.

Family First

The federal Family First Prevention Services Act supports important reforms in child welfare that will give Illinois DCFS increased flexibility to operate programs aimed at strengthening and supporting families to keep children safely at home and out of foster care.

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