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Timely Connections Leading to Safety and Support

At every step of a family’s journey, the department responds to individual needs while advocating for overall well-being and securing loving homes. DCFS is committed to timely and thoughtful engagement to support the family's evolving needs, all while keeping children safe.

Map Functions:

  • To view data by county, select from the dropdown menu by either typing the county name or using the scroll bar.
  • Click on the toggle button to switch between data from the prior 30 days or prior 12 months.
  • Place your cursor over any county on the Illinois map and hover to see that county's average length of time in foster care, by month.


Promoting Safety and Stability

Through prompt responses and continued engagement with vulnerable children and families, the department connects those in need with protection and resources when they need it most.

All content included in the dashboards is for informative purposes only. Information presented is based on data updated daily from Illinois’ Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System and may change at any time.