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Child Welfare Employee License Board

Child Welfare Employee Licensing Board (CWEL)
The Child Welfare Employee Licensing Board serves to protect, support and strengthen children, youth and families in Illinois by ensuring the procedures of the CWEL are up to date. CWEL helps to ensure licensing standards of qualifications, education and training for those who seek to work in the capacity of a direct child welfare services employee are up to date in accordance with Procedure 412. The Virtual Training Center is used in the implementation of the CWEL database. The virtual training center has provided the CWEL Office the ability to efficiently track complaints on license holders, license status and create contact notes related to the license.

Response to the community includes but is not limited to the following:

The Administrative Hearings Unit (AHU) conducts all hearings related to allegations of licensure violation, as detailed by Rule 412.60. After the hearing, the administrative law judge submits to the board the hearing record with findings of fact, conclusions of law and makes recommendations to suspend the respondent's license, revoke the respondent's license, let the respondent's license continue in good standing or recommends any other action regarding the license.

The Emergency Licensing Review Team (ELRT) reviews complaints to determine if they met the criteria for referral to the OIG and/or the CWEL board. The CWEL unit, in conjunction with the OIG, prepares quarterly status/summary reports to update the board on the status of CWEL complaints.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is involved with licensure complaints that represent violations of Rule 412.50. The OIG, the CWEL administrator and the chairperson of the CWEL board form an Emergency Licensure Review Team (ELRT), which reviews each formal complaint regarding licensed child welfare staff. Their review determines if an investigation is warranted as defined in Rule 412. If an investigation is warranted, the OIG conducts the investigation and determines if charges against the licensee should be filed. If charges are filed, the OIG coordinates with the Administrative Hearings Unit to establish a hearing date.

DCFS is now accepting applications to fill a General Public Representative vacancy on the Child Welfare Employee Licensure Board May 12, 2023-June 12, 2023

DCFS is now accepting applications to fill a general public representative vacancy on the Child Welfare Employee Licensure (CWEL) Board. CWEL Board membership is voluntary and board members do not receive compensation. The appointment for the vacancy is a three-year term. The purpose of the CWEL Board is to make recommendations to the DCFS director regarding direct services child welfare employee licensure rules. Public Act 92-0471 also authorizes the CWEL Board to make final determinations concerning the revocation, suspension or reinstatement of an employee's direct services child welfare license after a hearing conducted under the department’s rules. Board members are not personally liable in any action based upon a disciplinary proceeding or otherwise for any action taken in good faith as a member of the Board. Eligible candidates must:

  • Be a resident of the state of Illinois.
  • Be a member of the general public who is not licensed under P.A. 92-0471, the Children and Family Services Act, 20 ILCS 505/5c, or a similar rule.
  • Represent consumer interests.   
  • Have no pending or indicated reports of child abuse or neglect.
  • Have no pending or criminal conviction of any offenses stipulated under the Criminal Code of 2012, 720 ILCS 5 et seq., and listed in Section 4.2(b) of the Child Care Act.

The selected candidate must pass a DCFS background check as a prerequisite to appointment.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and completed Board Candidate Profile application to on or before June 12, 2023 by clicking here.

Please feel free to contact the DCFS Office of Learning and Professional Development at as well for technical assistance. 

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