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Background Check Portal

DCFS Background Check Portal

The background check portal allows licensed providers to:

  • Conduct a fingerprint search.
  • Approved administrator/executive can check the status of background checks for all agency and institution and day care center employees.
  • Upload – Authorization for Background Check forms, (CFS 718-B AI) for child welfare agencies/group homes/institutions; and (CFS 718-B-DC) for day care center employees NOT requiring fingerprinting.
  • Obtain background check forms.
  • Get the latest news and FAQ updates surrounding background checks.

Registration is required to use the portal. All information is confidential and shared only with authorized designated administrators. To register:

  1. Go to to register your email account.
  2. Complete the Background Check Portal Access Request Form and send it to: (Approval takes up to five business days)

Additional assistance

For administrative user assistance or for questions related to the background check portal, please contact us by email at