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Consolidated Financial Report

Provider agencies contracted for delivery of 24-hour substitute care services (1), Intact Family Services programs shall submit an annual Consolidated Financial Report (CFR).

(1)24-hour Substitute Care Services include:

  • Childcare Institution Programs
  • Shelter Care Programs
  • Group Homes Programs
  • Independent Living And Transitional Living Programs
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangements Programs
  • Agency Foster Care Programs

Most generally excluded from reporting on the CFR are governmental entities, individuals, contractual employees, electronic data processing services, and out of state providers serving 5 or fewer DCFS youth.

If a certified independent financial audit is NOT required, but your agency is required to submit a CFR, the CFR is not required to be audited.

If you are required to submit the CFR to more than one State Agency (Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the State Board of Education/Illinois Purchase Care Review Board (ISBE/IPCRB)), you must start all the CFR schedules (except Report of Service Units) with the “Total Agency” columns, taken from the audited financial statements, then break out into columns, all programs that all entities require you to report in detail. In this way, only one set of CFR schedules needs to be completed, with copies submitted to all the entities requiring submittal.

All seven (7) schedules of the Consolidated Financial Report must be completed.

  1. Agency Information Page
  2. Program Names Schedule
  3. Costs Schedule
  4. Revenues Schedule
  5. Service Units Schedule
  6. Personnel Schedule
  7. Contractual Schedule

A web application is used to electronically collect Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) data from provider agencies. Submission of your CFR through this new web application sends the data to each applicable Illinois state agency. The provider agency must still submit a paper copy of the CFR upon which an In Relation To Opinion has been issued.