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Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

  • Your partner tries to control what you do. (e.g., keeps you away from your family, friends or neighbors, prevents you from going to work, listens to your phone calls, follows you, controls your income or how you spend your money).
  • Your partner has threatened you or done something else that frightened you. (e.g., threatens to do something harmful to you, behaves violently in public, forces you to engage in sexual activity, calls you degrading names or forces you to use drugs).
  • Your partner has pushed, slapped, punched, kicked or hurt you in other ways (e.g., hurts you physically, restrains you).
  • Your partner has threatened to use the children to control you in any way (e.g., forces the children to participate in the abuse or watch you being abused, blames the children for the abuse, threatens to harm or kill the children).
  • Your partner calls you bad names, ridicules you, or puts you down verbally.
  • Your children have been exposed to incidents of domestic violence (e.g., seen or heard the abuse).
  • You are afraid of your partner.