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Illinois Adoption Legal Resources

If you are the caregiver of a child who is in the care of DCFS and you are the child's proposed adoptive parent or private guardian, you will likely be receiving a subsidy from the department after the adoption or guardianship is finalized. Subsidies usually consist of a medical card for the child, a monthly stipend and payment of one-time-only legal fees and court costs.

You will need an attorney to represent you if you adopt or take guardianship of a child from foster care. It is your right as an adoptive or guardianship parent to choose your own attorney. The Guide for Adoptive/Guardianship Parents provides an overview about your rights and responsibilities so that you can make an informed decision on which attorney to hire and what to expect from her or him.

For more information regarding the Adoption Attorney Panel, contact:
Christina M. Schneider
Special Assistant General Counsel
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Office of Legal Services
60 East Van Buren St., Suite 1339
Chicago, Illinois 60605

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