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Child Welfare Referrals

Sometimes the Child Abuse Hotline receives calls about suspected abuse or neglect that do not meet the criteria for an investigation under Illinois law, but the family would benefit from community linkages to services.  In these cases, the family may be referred to their local DCFS office or one of our private agency partners in the community that can get them the help they need without opening an investigation or removing the children from the home. A family may also self-refer for linkages to community services.

Fussy Baby Network
All babies cry, but some cry more than others. One in five babies is fussy — difficult to comfort and may have trouble feeding and sleeping. For parents, caring for a fussy baby can be exhausting and frustrating. There is no quick fix, but there is help. The Fussy Baby Network assists parents who have concerns about their baby’s temperament and behavior during the first year of life. The Fussy Baby Network’s infant specialists will work with you to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy your baby. They will also help you explore ways to reduce stress while supporting you in your important role as a parent.  For help in English or in Spanish, call 1-888-431-2229 or email

Illinois Department of Human Services Family Community Resource Centers (FCRCs)
The Department of Human Services (DHS) has local offices across the state.  These offices are known as Family Community Resource Centers (FCRCs) and they provide many types of services.  While the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), cash assistance and medical programs are the services that are most well known, FCRCs offer many other programs and services to families in Illinois. To locate your local FCRC, call 800-843-6154 or use the to families in Illinois. To locate your local FCRC, call 800-843-6154 or use the DHS Office Locator.