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Statewide Partnering with Parents Program

Welcome to the DCFS "Partnering With Parents" Program.

DCFS, with the support of community partners, wants to support, educate, engage and empower parents to partner with us to help move their cases forward more quickly and effectively. Parents who attend Partnering with Parents support meetings will benefit from meeting and connecting with other parents who are having similar experiences in a supportive atmosphere. Parents will benefit from educational presentations and pointed discussions about the various aspects of the child welfare system and court. Regional information fairs, annual parent institute days and other special events provide ongoing resources for birth parents.

Community Partners

Partnering with Parents works with family advocacy centers throughout Illinois to provide local resources, answer parents’ questions and explain who to call to get answers to case-specific questions.

Partnering with Parents has established a partnership with Be Strong Families to provide training and support for the Department of Children and Family Services’ birth parents. They have developed Parent Cafés and other training resources for birth parents.

Please join us!

Parents living in Illinois may call Devia Murray-Homes at 773-371-6123 for more information.


COVID-19 Information
Letter to birth parents regarding changes in visitation due to COVID-19 (3/31/20)
Carta a los padres biológicos sobre los cambios en las visitas debido a COVID-19 Español (4/3/20)
Addiction and Recovery

Child Growth and Development – Ages and Stages
Milestone Checklists and Tips
Positive Parenting Tips

Family Connections – Visits
Be Strong Families
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois
Statewide Family Advocacy Service Directory

Health and Well-being
Bright Futures Activity Book for Children
Health Education and Awareness Programs
Seasonal Flu Precautions and Vaccine Information

Healthy Eating and Good Nutrition
Cooking Safety Tip Sheet
Find a Local Food Bank
Heart-Healthy Eating
Ways to Enhance Children's Activity and Nutrition

Positive Parenting Tips
Newly-Involved Parents: Where do I begin?
Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Tips for Positive Visits
Promoting Safety
Fire Safety
Safe Sleep
Protecting Children from Domestic Violence
Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The Network
School Support
Stress Management